Google Folders: Part II

In my earlier post, I pleaded with Google to create folders to help me better organize my email. A reader pointed out "Labels," which are folder-like tags and which I had not been using. This is a very helpful tool. But my inbox remains unwieldy and I can't delete anything or I risk potentially losing the tagged/labeled emails.

Helpful but I'd still like the folders.


I've also discovered that "archiving" emails gets them out of your in-box. So the combination of archiving and labeling amounts to the same functionality as folders. But why doesn't Google do a better job of explaining all this, since it's not completely intuitive?  


3 Responses to “Google Folders: Part II”

  1. Chris Zaharias Says:

    Me too; I have about 300 folders in Outlook, and once you’ve been as big a user of folders as I have it just feels wrong to have everything in one big jumbled Inbox. I guess that’s the point for GOOG, though – force people to search, search, search.

  2. Arend Says:

    Another advantage of folders is that you can organize them as a hierarchy.

    If that is what you miss, you can use the folders4gmail userscript:

  3. charlesfrith Says:

    The point is that Google encourages you to use the best filing system called your brain. Then it builds a system around that. Trust yourselves guys. You might surprise yourself. 🙂

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