Centro Building Powerful Local ‘Network’

Centro's CEO Shawn Riegsecker would dispute that what he's got is a "network." He would probably say that Centro is a media buying service for national advertisers focused on local online markets, especially newspapers. But what Riegsecker is putting together by any other name is a network that lets national advertisers make efficient local online media buys and get the quality and reach they're accustomed to from traditional media and are hungry for online.

Riegsecker told me in a conversation about a year ago that there were very few places online to get both quality and reach. You could get one or the other but it was very difficult to find both outside of the major search engines. His ambition was to create an alternative for advertisers who wanted to buy online local media in multiple markets or nationally.

This MediaPost article (reg. req'd) now reports that the Newspaper National Network has signed "a major sales and marketing partnership" with Centro. So you've never heard of NNN before? It's owned by 23 major newspaper publishers, with names like Tribune Co., Knight Ridder, Gannett Co. Inc., The New York Times CO., Hearst Newspapers, The Washington Post Co. and many others, and the Newspaper Association of America.

According to the release:

Local newspapers have the leading web site in 74 of 81 metropolitan markets, according to The Media Audit. Newspaper web sites reach 55 million adults each month, which is more than one-third of internet users, according to Nielsen/NetRatings as reported by NADBase. Additionally, 8 in 10 adults are reading the newspaper over the course of a week.

At a time when some national newspaper advertisers are questioning their print newspaper commitments, this program will help reinforce or reestablish the value of newspaper advertising — online.


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