MySpace Dominates Social Networking

Here's Hitwise data on the "market share" of US-based social networking sites:


Traffic data from comScore, Nielsen and Hitwise are often inconsistent. But the dominance of MySpace is so striking that any discrepancies among them don't matter.

Putting aside the question of monetizing the traffic (note the tension around this issue in this post) there's the issue of sustaining MySpace's market position over time. Think five or, better, 10 years into the future. It's very challenging to imagine MySpace surviving in its present form; all the people who "made" it will have grown up and moved on. Facebook confronts an interesting but different version of that challenge, which is partly why they're getting into the enterprise market. But Facebook doesn't necessarily have to follow its users; it could remain an "institutional" part of high school and college life and simply capture those audiences as they cycle through. 

MySpace doesn't really have such an option. It will need to evolve to be sustainable. How it will evolve is unclear, but it will certainly be interesting to watch.

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  1. Search Engine Journal » MySpace Losing Its Cool? Says:

    […] As I’ve argued in the past, the challenge is preserving MySpace’s appeal to its target audiences, especially in view of increasing competition, appealing to advertisers and sustaining the appeal to both consituencies over time. MySpace is rapidly “institutionalizing” to do just that — building out features, brand extensions (e.g., IM, Video and Mobile) and monetization strategies. However, paradoxically, the more it “institutionalizes” to stablize and grow revenues (a market and News Corp. imperative) the more it might be vulnerable to “cooler” less established upstarts. […]

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