Abazab: Mobile Video for MySpace

SiliconBeat discusses Abazab, a new service that allows people to capture video via mobile devices and add it on the fly to social networking sites — MySpace in particular. Here's the company's release.

Speaking of MySpace, the Hitwise blog presents some very interesting data on Bebo's charge to overtake MySpace in the UK market. (Bebo is something of a cross between the Facebook and MySpace.) In the traditional media world, once a brand and usage were established one could expect some relative stability. But not online. MySpace, "the Google of social networking" is apparently vulnerable too.

And, of course, we all know about Friendster's fall from grace.


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  1. Screenwerk » Blog Archive » Google Didn’t See MySpace, MySpace Didn’t See Bebo Says:

    […] As an illustration of the potential vulnerability, SiliconBeat posts about Bebo’s growth and move on MySpace in the UK and its growth among some US users. I had done a short post on this previously here. […]

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