Social Shopper Kaboodle Gets Funding

According to this CNET article, social search/shopping engine Kaboodle is "set to announce on Monday that it has raised $3.55 million in Series A funding from investors, including former Google-related scientists."

Here's Matt Marshall's (SJ Mercury News/SiliconBeat) roundup of that news and related recent activity among social search/media sites. This social media "space" is accelerating and simultaneously getting more and more interesting. Most of these sites are still in an early adopter phase but they will be mainstream within a year or so.

And GigaOm covers the impending launch of Cyworld, yet another social net/community site (transplated from South Korea).


Here's a related, interesting NY Times piece (reg. req'd) on "recursive video" on YouTube (videos of people watching other people on YouTube watching videos of each other . . .). The voyeurism/narcissism described in the article is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. What does it say about "this culture" and "this generation?"

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