Growth at Local Sites Outpacing General Internet

Here's a piece from Leslie Walker of the Washington Post (reg. req'd) that discusses (using comScore data) how local sites and social media sites are far outpacing the growth of the general Internet and traditional consumer destinations. (The law of large numbers and all that.) According to Walker and comScore, sites like have for the first time cracked the Top 50. And Citysearch is doing surprisingly well (though it's a shell of its former self).

It makes sense that these newer local destinations are growing faster than the overall Internet, relatively speaking. People are now discovering them and the content and user experience are improving. Similarly, social search/media sites are relatively new and people are starting to see the benefits of these properties as a means of helping organize their offline social contacts or accellerate purchase decisions.

Social media is no longer a novelty, even if the "business model" doesn't exist for some of these sites. It's a layer of content and functionality that will be required of most consumer sites going forward. And sites like Judysbook, InsiderPages, Backfence and Yelp (and of course Yahoo!) that are playing both of these trends are in a sweet spot. (Even Google is becoming more social.)


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